UBC response to Audubon

The Urban Bird Collective builds an alternative as mainstream birding world doubles down on its racist past By: UBC Board of Directors and Leaders With the National Audubon Society’s recent decision to not change its name, the environmental conservation movement reminds us of the racism it still embodies. Audubon, one of the largest birding organizations […]

Minneapolis Parks Foundation: The Urban Bird Collective provides Outdoor Birding Activities for BIPOC and LGBTQ Individuals across the Twin Cities

Read the original article here. by Madeleine Koski | December 19, 2022 The Urban Bird Collective was founded by Monica Bryand in 2018 to support birdwatchers of different skill levels in leading walks in their own neighborhoods. They work to create safe and welcoming spaces for all communities, including Black, Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQ […]

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine: Making the Outdoors Inclusive for Everyone

Read the original article here. April 22, 2022 The great outdoors are abundant in Minnesota, but does that mean everyone is able to take advantage of them? by Cynthia Maya Urban Bird Collective Historically, outdoor recreation has predominantly been a white, wealthy, able-bodied and male dominated space. While there have been shifts to change that, […]

Star Tribune: St. Paul group among those working to broaden the face of bird-watching

Read the original article here. Getting underserved communities outdoors is a matter of making them feel safe.  By Val Cunningham Contributing writer AUGUST 4, 2020 — 11:00PM PROVIDED BY URBAN BIRDING COLLECTIVE Urban Birding Collective members keep their eyes on the skies. Now in its third year, the collective has 20 active members and a […]